Ham on wry

That was the title my father always wanted to give the radio talk show he always thought he would be good at. Since he didn’t live long enough to join the blogging world I decided to use it on my first post in his honor. He would have had great fun arguing politics, religion and everything else with all comers on a blog.

What I will wind up writing about remains to be seen, but some of it will no doubt be spawned by the papers I read as a college English teacher.

In that vein the first nit I want to pick is with all of the TV journalists out there who don’t seem to know the difference between may have and might have. When you report on the idiot street racer who ran his car into a power pole and say, “Without extremely good luck he may have been seriously hurt,” it indicates you don’t know whether he was hurt or not. If you mean to say he was incredible lucky he wasn’t hurt you should say, “He might have been seriously hurt.” If you guys can’t get it right how are my students going to?

I warned you I would be nitpicking.


One thought on “Ham on wry

  1. One of my biggest complaint about the news writers and the on air news reader is that they do not know how to use less and fewer. You can eat fewer calories, you can drive fewer miles and you can spent fewer dollars but you do not do less that any of those things as you count each calorie, mile and dollar. When measuring, you say a pint holds less water than a gallon. Again, the Engilsh laguage is the victim.

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