No, Mr. Lilly,

Spontaneous does not mean horny.

I just thought I’d clear that up, because the copy writers for your Cialis ads seem confused. Every ad these days has a man talking about how he and his wife were feeling ‘spontaneous’ when they were interrupted — by a plumbing emergency, friends dropping by, a kid coming home from college — but it’s okay, because Cialis will work for as long as 36 hours.

I understand that you don’t want your ad to be pornographic. You were probably going for classy. You didn’t want to say ‘Hey guys, you’ve got 36 hours to nail her.’ I understand that. These things have to be approached with tact, euphemistically even.

But ‘feeling spontaneous’?

How about feeling romantic, or stimulated, or stirred up maybe, or even frisky? All of those imply sex far more than ‘feeling spontaneous’.

Feeling spontaneous could just as easily mean a late night trip to Starbucks for a last minute latte.

But now my less mature freshmen will be giggling whenever anyone talks about, or they read about something being spontaneous.

Thank a lot.


3 thoughts on “No, Mr. Lilly,

  1. Not only does it not mean horny – by any stretch of the imagination – it’s also a bad choice of word for the product in question – how can you feel “spontaneous” for 36 hours? Goes against the very definition of the word.

    Quirky Indian

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