It’s time for a political rant.

I was a Clinton supporter, not because I disliked Obama, but because I valued her experience. Toward the end she lost me a bit, when she said things that seemed to imply McCain would be better than Obama. That was not what she was trying to do. She was trying to say Obama wasn’t electable, not that he wasn’t qualified, but that’s not how it was perceived. He clearly is qualified, and I’m happy to vote for him.

I am an ardent, even radical feminist, or at least I was considered radical in college, but despite the fact that my positions haven’t changed, they are considered far less radical now, by my college students than they were 20 years ago by my college professors and classmates. (I have never been the batshit crazy variety of feminist that can be found in some of the stranger enclaves of the blogoshpere). I think much of what was said about Hillary, and done to Hillary during the primaries was incredibly sexist. And I don’t think Barack Obama would have had a chance against a man who had that much more experience, and better credentials than he did.

But that is not Obama’s fault, and he did not do or say anything offensively sexist during the campaign.

I am a feminist, BUT I AM NOT STUPID OR CRAZY ENOUGH TO VOTE FOR JOHN MCCAIN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. And I cannot see very many feminists drinking that Kool-aid either.

McCain is anti-choice, and has committed to appoint anti-choice, anti-privacy judges.

McCain is pro-war. Not just this one, but the others he’s sure are coming. He doesn’t just think we have to finish what we started in Iraq, he also still thinks the whole thing was a good idea in the first place.

McCain supports the continued redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the wealthy, which is part of his current pattern of abandoning any position that is not politically expedient.

I have seldom agreed with John McCain on policy issues, but at one time he had my respect. Until he sold his soul to the religious right, sucking up to the same people he had once called ‘agents of intolerance.’

And if we needed any further proof that he has and will abandon any vestige of principle in pursuit of the presidency there is his position on torture. He has gone from standing against torture on both moral and practical grounds to a ‘whatever we do is okay’ position that is positively Orwellian.

If we lose this one, it will not be because the feminists abandoned Obama.


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