Career opportunities for the Undead

During the Olympics last night the local NBC affiliate aired a spot claiming to be the area’s “news leader” and trumpeting their “firsts.” Prominent among their claims was “First live reporters.”

Who had they hired as reporters before they had live reporters? Zombies? Vampires?

What they meant, of course, was first live remotes (and they are the champion of silly live remotes), but being sure their viewers weren’t smart enough to know what a live remote is, they went with “live reporters” instead. It is in keeping with the rest of their dumbest common denominator news broadcasts.


It was just a 5.4.

You would think from listening to the national news casts tease the story, that LA had had a major ‘quake.  One tease I heard actually said ‘a major earthquake.’  Come on guys, the fact that your reporters in LA got scared doesn’t make it a major earthquake.  Most of the network reporters assigned to LA are probably not natives, and get scared far too easily, as did our governor with his ‘we dodged a bullet.’

A 5.4 is not a major ‘quake.  It’s barely a small ‘quake.  Nobody got hurt.  There wasn’t even much damage.  Some unreinforced masonry buildings had sections of wall come down, and a few stores had to clean up stuff that spilled.  Not an impressive report.  So what did they report on? how scared everybody was.  They didn’t have any real devastation to report, so they did a number on how psychologically devastating it was, complete with scenes of the people in the Big Brother house freaking out.  When did they become the standard of reasonable and intelligent response?

I loved the scene from the LA city council meeting.  The crowd was all seated, watching the lights swing, not particularly upset, except that they guy with the microphone kept repeating, ‘We’ve got and earthquake — it’s still going,’ as if the people in the room couldn’t figure that out for themselves.  They didn’t start to move out of the room until he repeated ‘it’s an earthquake’ several times, then somebody had to tell them that the building was safe and they shouldn’t leave.

This is California.  It is seismically active.  If you’re going to live here you have to learn to live with it.  Making a big thing of a 5.4 is not going to do anything but make those of us who have lived here long enough to have been through a real ‘major earthquake’ laugh at you.